Homework help is ideal for students who need personal tutoring on specific homework assignments. Our tutors combine personal instruction with independent learning to ensure students not only understands homework concepts, but also learns how to apply those skills — a deeper level of learning. To turn frustration into motivation, our tutors share positive feedback for every skill learned.

Our program, available for students in grades 5-8 and 9-12, focuses on improving students’ capabilities in the following six areas:

  • Test-Taking Strategies – Students learn and practice various types of test-taking strategies
  • Test Preparation – Students learn the five-day test preparation strategies for successfully taking test, including how to reduce test anxiety
  • Taking Notes – Students learn how to take effective notes from both instruction in the classroom and their textbooks
  • Managing Study Time and Routines – Students learn how to outline a weekly or monthly schedule that takes into consideration study time, homework time, and other activities
  • Memorization – Students learn how to utilize resources and the value within available resources
  • Utilizing Resources – Students learn how to utilize resources and the value within available resources

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Study Skills
Does this sound familiar?

• Does your child study for a test only the night before?
• Is your child’s notebook disorganized and incomplete?
• Does your child spend hours studying for a test and then barely pass?

Our study skills program is designed to help students build great habits that can last a lifetime. Establishing great study habits early is the secret to making a big impact in school, from high grades to greater confidence.

6 Creative Tips to Make Homework Time Easy & Enjoyable!


Create a Dream Study Space.

Create a dream space that is soothing, well lit, and clutter free for your children’s studying area.


Reward Progress in Homework.

If your child has been successful in homework completion and is working hard, celebrate that success to reinforce the positive effort.


Build Relationships with Teachers.

Cooperate with the teacher. It shows your child that the school and home are a team. Get familiar with homework policies and teachers’ expectations on parents involvement.


Call in the Calvary if Needed.

If there are continuing problems with homework, get help. Talk about it with your child’s teacher and ask them if they are aware of afterschool homework help programs. Look for an afterschool program that provides homework help. Edwards Learning Center can help!


Help your Child get Organized.

One surefire way to help your child get and stay organized is to let him or her utilize the tool that almost every school offers: an agenda. Let your child take his or her agenda every day and use it to keep on top of assignments, test dates, extra-curricular activities and more. Check your child’s agenda.


Limit Distractions.

This means no TV, loud music, or phone calls. (Occasionally, though, a phone call to a classmate about an assignment can be helpful.). Make sure kids have a well-lit place to complete homework. Keep supplies — paper, pencils, glue, scissors — within reach.