Did you know that 35% of freshman drop out in the first year? That’s more than one out of every four students!

Getting into College or University is just the beginning.

College readiness is about more than getting accepted—it’s about beating the first year stumbling blocks and seeing success on every paper and every exam. To do that, students need solid thinking, learning, studying, and test-taking skills. Edwards Learning college readiness program teaches students long-lasting thinking and learning skills that they can rely on for their entire academic career!

  • Time Management
  • Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Study Skills


Our assessments provide us with an objective way to track progress. Our assessments are scheduled and administered according to the type of program the individual is participating in:

  • Personality inventory (Professional Development)
  • Interest Inventory (Career & Educational Development)
  • Self Awareness Test (Coaching)
  • Academic / Standardized testing (Tutoring)


We have a strong partnership with medical professionals for medical testing and can refer individuals to the appropriate professionals in the following:

  • Auditory Processing disorders
  • Other academic-impeding, non-specific disorders

We use cognitive software to help students with ADD and Auditory Processing Disorder. Our program exercise helps ADD and auditory processing disorder in its various forms:

Impulsiveness – Reduce impulsivity helps test taking, social situations, homework, reading and listening in class.

Inattentiveness – Attention stamina is an important learning and test taking skill that students with sound processing skills tend to learn naturally.

Distractibility – Students learn selective attention, the ability to stay focused and on task — in class, doing homework and while reading.

Better Reading & Comprehension ELC programs improve reading skills, first by making decoding automatic and effortless, then by building vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension.